Project Management

Getting all of the little things right.

Intuitive. First to respond. Quick to make changes. Cool-headed. For Fox Projects, it’s about getting all the little things right, so that the big picture automatically improves. And this tendency resides at the very centre of effective project management.

Fox specialises in both brown field and green field implementation projects and has the flexibility to integrate with the client team during project implementation as well as to conduct site based management. Contracts may be carried out as turnkey (EPC) or Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) type projects.

What is more, operations, health and safety training can be included in the project scope, ensuring optimal productivity and safety from implementation to commissioning.

It’s all about specifics; about results.

Services Available

Foxes are efficient and outcomes-based. It’s all about specifics; about results; about taking regular bites of ‘reality’ in order to stay grounded and remain in touch. As such, Fox Projects’ project management capability extends to the following services:

  • Scope planning, definition and control
  • Schedule development (activity definition, sequencing, duration estimating)
  • Resource planning, cost estimating / budgeting
  • Procurement planning, execution and control
  • Cost control and analysis
  • Risk management planning and control
  • Safety management planning and control
  • Quality planning and control
  • Communications planning and execution (performance reporting)
  • Human resources planning and control
  • Project integration management (stake holder management, engineering / design, procurement, construction and overall project management)

The Fox Approach

Mining is both an art and a science; by its nature iterative and multi-faceted, requiring optimisation by focusing on the key issues that matter.

So seldom are organisations capable of matching structure with improvisation. And yet, this is what is required for successful mining projects. What is also needed is the ability to keep an eye on the desired outcome, yet be able to shift direction based on current reality.

Fox Projects provides project control services able to deliver projects on track, on time and in budget. How? We integrate planning, scheduling, cost control and status reporting functions to simplify project management and administration.

Our project controls also give decision-makers timely and effective access to key project information, via both manual and state-of-the-art computerised tools.

At its core, Fox Projects’ project control system is based on a forward-looking approach to accurate estimates and efficient dashboard reporting. We use earned value analysis, which positions the status of the schedule and cost performance against the plan, to determine the health of the project and forecast project outcomes.

The Fox Approach to Project Management

Fox Approach to PM

Agile Mining, Engineering and Project Management